Cabins & Prices

verkleinert_alles_von_untenThe main concept of our hostel was to build jungle cabins, which have a low impact on the environment and fit aesthetically into their suroundings. We achieved that by using sustainable construction materials like wood for the main structure and palm leaves for the roofes.


   Our hostel consists of some beautiful cabins, a kitchen and a lounge with a bar, overlooking the green canopy of the Nicaraguan jungle. There is also a hammock area and lots of other places to relax and meet other people.


We offer our guests simple but comfortable and clean rooms. They all have access to spacey balconies which are equipped with relaxing chairs. The prices include access to our community kitchen, drinking water from the water fountains and coffee. We have rooms available for 1-4 guests.

We got a few different types of rooms and offers. So it doesent matter if you are a single traveller or a family with a bunch of kids, we surely can fit you in a nice and cosy room. Just check out our rooms to see what you like most:

The cheapest way to stay at our place would probably be the dorm

click the following link to check it out/cabins--prices/dorm.html

An other possibility could be the private with the shared bathrooms

click here to check out some more pics/cabins--prices/double-with-shared-bathroom.html

And if you just want to have a look around, feel free to pop in and have a beer in our bar and common area where you can meet the team and our guests

click the link to have a first impression of the common area and the bar/cabins--prices/common-area-with-bar.html