There are two options to get to us. The more comfotable one could be by taxi. We also can arrange pick up services from the airport or any other location. Just let us know from where you want to get picked up and we can check out prices for you. That's the easier way but also the more expensive one.

You also can get to us by public transportation. Take any bus to San Juan del Sur. Then there are several shuttle services from San Juan del Sur to Playa Maderas.The Casa Oro shuttle leaves a few times a day, first trip at 7:30 am, last trip leaves at 4 pm from San Juan del Sur to Playa Maderas. The shuttle will drop you off at Playa Maderas (as shown at the map). 

Then you just have to walk a few minutes along the same road the shuttle came from. Walking back you'll see a sign at the left saying "Dunias Massage". Follow that sign up the hill for a bit and you'll eventually find yourself in our cute little hostel. Get your luggage inside your cabin, get a cold beer from the bar and have a chat with the staff or other guests:                                  WELCOME TO HOSTEL CLANDESTINO!!!!!!!

Here is a map showing how to get to us exactly: